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Faith | Categories: Commuity Submitted News, Jay | 4 Comments

Sorry about this everyone, but I managed to miss Jay’s birthday while I was on the campaign trail with my boss (which involved living in one of the tour RVs – I should start saying no to these things!). His 28th was on April 9th, and JBF wishes him happy belated birthday and many more! Thanks to Pako who reminded JBF with their submission:

Today it is the birthday number 28 of Jay Baruchel!! ENJOY.

Category: Commuity Submitted News, Jay |

Becca | 3:43 pm

Had him in my thoughts all day on friday. =) Watched Fanboys, Tropic Thunder and I’m Reed Fish for him. =D Gotta show the love!

Faith | 3:50 pm

I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but Undeclared is some of his best work (I think, at least!) – I wish I’d remembered, I’m a bad webmiss, lol!

Becca | 4:11 pm

Yes!! I looove Undeclared, too bad it got cancelled though.. =( But everything happens for a reason.. and the reason was, he got more roles.. and stuff. (wow, that was cheesy!)
You’re not a bad webmiss! Lol – I like coming here.. and looking at all your pictures and stuff. I have something that I should scan in tomorrow though. Made me excited for a whooole day!! Haha.

lexxi dear | 10:22 am

for his bday i watched real time
and tropic thunder and also im reed fish .

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